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“Our vision is to educate, entertain and inspire, in partnership with our community. We believe in putting our local community first and that is why we partner with organizations, businesses and individuals to help them achieve their goals….”

RJ Watkins – CEO

WHPR TV Detroit Live is the viewer-supported LIVE television station serving the Detroit/Highland Park area on Broadcast/Cable.

WHPR TV Detroit Live offers 24/7 programming on Comcast Cable Detroit Channel 90 and 91, live talk-shows, entertainment and African films. WHPR TV Detroit Live is notably active in the community producing local programs that showcase arts, culture, business information, news analysis, physical activity; and outreach campaigns that use the power of media to provide knowledge and understanding.

WHPR TV Detroit Live has established a relationship with Comcast Cable to allow for individuals to produce their own TV and Radio shows and air them live online.

Join us today to reserve your spot and host your own TV show, advertise on TV or Radio, shop with WHPR TV Detroit Live or support us.

Please contact our office by calling (313) 868-6612 to talk directly with our staff.

RJ Watkins

President / CEO
WHPR TV Detroit Live / WHPR FM 88.1 / WVIE FM 107.3

RJ Watkins has launched a world-class entertainment complex at the WHPR TV Detroit studios. In addition to television and FM88.1 radio, Watkins has added a radio station, WVIE 107.3FM in the Virgin Islands to his portfolio with a listenership that encompasses the islands of St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island and St. Croix. The entertainment complex also includes a film studio and concert hall. RJ Watkins is one of only a few minority broadcasters in the United States who owns his own broadcast tower. Anyone who wants a virtual tour of the studios can go to

Henry Tyler

Vice President
WHPR TV Detroit Live / WHPR FM 88.1 / WVIE FM 107.3

Affectionately called “H.T.” is the Vice President of Productions and Program Director of Highland Park/Detroit based media outlet WHPR TV Detroit Live / WHPR FM 88.1 / WVIE FM 107.3 / Comcast Cable 91 Detroit, Oakland County and Livingston. Henry is a master behind the camera, in front of the camera, engineering a radio show or hosting his own.

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