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Taz Bailey – Mon.
The Bar Structure

Marli Blackman – Mon.
Get In The Know

Rev. Robert Garner – Mon. thru Sun.
The Word of Truth

Rev. Jim Holley – Sat.
Hello Detroit

Son of Man – Sun-Wed-Fri.
A Scriptural Discussion

JoAnn Watson – Thu
Wake Up Detroit

Brenda Perryman – Fri.
Table Talk with Brenda Perryman

Mr. Richard Hairston – Mon-Wed.
Talk to Me

LaWanada / RJ / HT – Wed.
Fake Friends

Min. Malik Shabazz – Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu
Get Up Stand Up

Barbara Herard & Rev. Amos Bush – Thu.
Making It Happen

JD Hill – Tue-Wed-Fri-Sat
JD Hill Show

Collette Ramsey – Thu
Coffee & Conversation with Collette

Brenda Perryman – Fri.
Brenda Perryman Show

Attorney Barry Keller – Tue
Law Power Hour

Maureen Taylor & Marion Kramer – Thu
Ask Welfare Rights

Coleman Young Jr. – Sun.
The Young Effect

Hassan Aleem & Carl Williams – Tue
H & R Legal

Billy Jones – Sat
The Talk Beat Jones Show

Judge Debra Thomas – Sat.
Judge Deborah Thomas

Spirit of Wellness
Spirit of Wellness

Pastor V. Patterson & W. Thomas – Thu.
What’s Grilling Today with Beautiful You

Pastor Marcus Allen – Thu.
Enlightenment & Trust Society

Theo Broughton & Thabiti – Mon.

Chico Whitaker – Mon.
Growing in Grace

Min. Lee Day – Mon.
The Hair Dr.

Apostle Gerald Allen – Sun. Mon.
Oasis Ministries

Rev. Sam Scott & Mrs. Ann Scott – Sat.
City Singer Broadcast Hour

Martez Thompson – Fri
A Time of Empowerment

Elder Brian Nelson – Mon.
Gospel City

Robert Franklin – Mon.
The Robert Show

Sharon Dumas – Mon.
X’ Pose Under The Sun

Janet Davis – Jazz & Kim – Wed
We On 1

Debbie Williams – Tue.
Families & Children Justice

Pastor Pamela Thomas – Tue.
Anointed Nation

Londen Washington – Tue.
Prayer is the Key & Faith Unlocks the Door

Eva Fortune – Mon.
Touched By The Master Hand

Marchelle Bryant – Sun.
Empowered Living

Evang. Arlynda Thompson – Thu.
Destined To Win

Donna Stinson – Mon.
Can We Talk?

Carmen Butler – Sun.
Wounded Women in the Work Place

Mikal Abdul – Thu.
Healthwise Enterprise

Prof. Will Banks – Sat.
Good News Detroit

Carolyn Knott – Fri.
Revive Worldwide

Mr. Jon D. Milburn – Fri.
From The Heart

Arno Sutton-Bey – Fri.
Think Tank

Zora J. Muhammad – Mon.
Million Dollar Mindset

Sami & Dan Muhammad – Sun.
Journal of Truth

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